Queen Kari

by Yanis

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This album could not exist without the help my musical collaborators Gord Richards and Damon de Szegheo. Both producers in their own right, they gave me their all at Oak Recording Studio in Toronto. They are the reason why this record sounds the way it does.
Without them, the music would've sounded a lot different.


released September 8, 2015

Yanis - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Gord Richards - recording engineer, bass, keyboards, guitar
Damon de Szegheo - recording engineer, drums
Christian Forhäuser - steel guitar

Recording & Mixing - www.oakrecordingstudio.com
Mastering - www.conductionmastering.com
Cover Art - www.facebook.com/imalexandralaine

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Yanis Toronto, Ontario

One day I just felt like singing.

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Track Name: Goggle Head Blues
I got a red haired lady
She won't leave my mind
She's got a nasty little temper
But I can't leave her behind

If you're going downtown
Tell her I say hi
But if she's with another man
Then tell her I say goodbye

I saw my mother crying
Just before I left
She had a tear rolling down her cheek
All the way down to her breast

Hey there big brother
What's that in your hand
Don't tell mom and dad
They won't understand

I've been watching Netflix
Season's almost done
The show's almost over
But I sure had a lot of fun
Track Name: Queen Kari
I've had a crush on you
For a month or two
And I think the time is right
Show me your photography
Underneath a candle light

Let me be your boyfriend

Your big brown eyes
Don't tell no lies
I can tell you like me too
So let's forget about the others
From now on it's me and you

Let me be your boyfriend

Every morning we'll walk to school
Holding each other's hands
So when I walk you home at night
The world knows I'm your man

Let me be your boyfriend

So happy when I make you laugh
Your light illuminates the path
A golden arrow through the rain
So happy when you say my name
Can't you hear the music play
Track Name: Earl of March
The cars were packed on cottage weekend
Another father figure came alive
The kids were swimming in the deep end
I hadn't even learned to drive

Tried to be myself
But they made me into someone else

No one wants to be my friend
No one wants a piece of me

Tarmac teenagers with patience
Mandolin was out of tune
All wrapped up in winter's innocence
Waving bittersweet goodbyes in June

I practiced my guitar
I dreamt it would take me far

No one wants to be my friend
No one wants a piece of me

The hourglass was slowly draining
The shifting sands of youth
Broken from the endless naming
Unable to speak the truth

Shogun of the bathroom stall
While the kids hung out in the hall

No one wants to be my friend
No one wants a piece of me

I miss hanging out in Chris' basement
Track Name: Momentai
If you have to go then go
But I think the time has come to let you know

When your father came around
His eyes never left the ground

If you want to stay please stay
Take me to the park where children play

But I never dreamed a better man could do the things
That you could do

If you got to leave then leave
Your father never got reprieved

But when the evening comes
And everyone is so afraid your sister too
Where are you

But like your father said
All things must pass away
But now's a brighter day for you

And a brighter day
Means a better way for you

And a brighter day
Means a better way
For me to lose my girl

But a brighter day
Means a better way for you

If you have to go then go
Track Name: Jeri
Jeri why don't you love me anymore
Daddy why'd you slam the door
Tell me why don't you look me in the eye
Sorry didn't mean to make you cry
Why did mommy have to die

Jeri you're just a fragile puppeteer
Tell me what makes you want to disappear
You're so weird

I saw the long eared rabbit in my bed
With three horns on his head

Jeri what happened to your lion's heart
Shining through the dark
I can't hear you